The $195 million comprehensive plan is to ensure our district’s growth is managed for an estimated 18 years. While the high school construction has received considerable attention, the full plan being voted on will impact ALL district students and staff.

The community plan includes:

  • Building a new, larger high school, at a newly purchased site located at 09N636 Illinois Route 47, Elgin, to accommodate 2,000 – 2,400 current and future high school students. This building will be constructed to allow for a build out to accommodate up to 3,000 students.
  • This new property will also accommodate a future middle and grade school when needed.
  • As recommended by the community during our November 2022 Focus Group sessions, all middle school students (grades 6-8) would be moved to the current Central High School with a 20-classroom addition currently in progress. 
  • Prairie Knolls Middle School would be converted into a grade school, which would be the 5th grade school in our district. This would eliminate the need for mobile classrooms that currently sit on the property of every grade school in our district. Additionally, this will allow us to distribute our students to grade level centers that are more aligned in population to the state average.
  • Central Middle School would likely transition into a facility that would house early childhood programs. The current CMS building will remain in use for the long term.


With all of our multi-grade level buildings currently near capacity, this referendum is designed to alleviate enrollment challenges across the entire district by creating more space at all levels (high school, middle school, grade school) for continued growth.