Each K-12 student in District 301 is issued a Chromebook as part of the 1:1 program. Use of the Chromebook is subject to the Chromebook Handbook. Below are responses to frequently asked questions regarding student devices. For any questions not covered here, please refer to the Chromebook Handbook or email devices@central301.net.

2018 Chromebook Year End Info

How long will my student be using the Chromebook provided?

  • The hardware and build quality of Chromebooks have been improving at a rapid pace.  Starting with the 2017/18 school year we began purchasing Chromebooks with a 3 year warranty including accidental damage.  We are adjusting the replacement cycle accordingly.  Over the next few years some may get a new device after 2 years while others will be utilized a full 3 years in school.

What is my technology fee used for?

  • The technology fee ($50 per year) covers a little less than half the annual cost of the device. As a result of this fee, the family will own the device after two or three years of use in the district.

My child needs a new bag, how do we get one?

What is Securly?

  • Securly is a cloud based web filter that we use to meet CIPA compliance with our student Chromebooks on and off our network.  It will only work on Chromebooks that we manage.  Here is a letter explaining how parents can use Securly to monitor how students use the Chromebook when not at school.

How does having insurance for my student’s device work?

  • Insurance is only offered for your peace of mind. Many issues related to the Chromebook are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. The insurance is offered for intentional user damage, such as dropping the device and causing the screen to shatter, etc.
  • We have secured an agreement with Worth Avenue Group for Chromebook insurance.  To register and pay for insurance, please go to visit the Worth Avenue Group site they created for our families.  Insurance can only be purchased at the start of the school year.

What do I do if:

We have a problem with the device not working properly or it breaks?

  • Elementary students can inform the teacher of an issue. They will notify the office to submit a tech ticket for repair.
  • MS/HS students should bring the device to the LMC and a tech ticket will be submitted for repair.
  • During this time period, a loaner device will be issued (if one is available) with the expectation that the device is treated the same as your own.

The battery dies during the school day?

  • ​For grades K-1, the device will be charged each day as they will be housed in a cart in the classroom.
  • For grades 2-12, it is the expectation that students charge their devices each night so a full charge is available for the balance of the school day. If the device is fully charged and is losing power during the day, please notify the classroom teacher (elementary students) or LMC aide (MS/HS students) so that a tech ticket can be issued.

My child forgets his/her device at home?

  • ​Elementary: If you bring the device to school for your student, the office will contact the teacher to send your child to pick it up in the office at a time that is appropriate.
  • MS/HS: You may bring the device to the Main Office where your child may pick it up during a passing period.
  • Loaners are available in the office for students to use for specific activities that cannot be made up, per teacher request.

We lose the device?

  • The family will be responsible for the full cost of replacing the device. Replacement costs are based on current market value (i.e., the cost to buy a new current model).

We move within the district (such as from one elementary school to another)?

  • For grades K-1, the device will be sent internally from one building to the next.
  • For grades 2-5, the device will be sent home in the protective bag for the student to bring with them to the next school.

We move out of the district?

  • If you leave before the last semester of the two year time-frame and intend to keep the device, the cost is $100, less any technology fee(s) already paid. Please make checks payable to CCUSD 301 and remit payment to your school office.
  • If you leave as of the last semester of the two year time-frame, the device is covered for you to keep.
  • You will need to inform the school office of your intentions for the device. If we do not hear from you and the device is not in the school’s possession, the device will be automatically locked out.
  • While the device is still at the school, the technology department will adjust the settings to remove the Central 301 restrictions.

We move into the district mid-year?

  • A device will be issued to you upon payment of the technology fee with registration. The student will receive the device as soon as possible after the first day of attendance.

What do we do with our device at the end of the school year?

  • The device will stay at school for students completing grades K-1.
  • Students completing grades 2-11 will take their Chromebooks home (device, case, and charger) for the summer.
  • After two years of use, devices will be sent home with the Central 301 restrictions for wifi, security, and other preferences removed.  Please email devices@central301.net and include the the Chromebook serial number, service tag number or the “Property of CCUSD asset tag” number to complete the process.

What will happen at the beginning of the next school year?

  • Students will be expected to return with the device on the first day of school. Students in grades K will receive their device in the first week of school and the device will remain at school.

Over the summer, what happens if:

The device breaks or needs servicing?

  • Please email devices@central301.net and someone from the tech department will reach out via phone or email to assist.

I need to replace my device charger?

  • Replacement chargers will be available for purchase from the “Chrome Depot” for $20.
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