Central 301 English Learner Program

Central 301 is committed to providing high quality English Learner (EL) services that value a student’s native language, culture, and background knowledge to accelerate the acquisition of linguistic, academic, and social/cultural success in a diverse society. Currently the EL program in Central 301 serves students from over 26 different language backgrounds.

Our Services

Initial Assessment

Parents complete a Home Language Survey as a part of the initial registration process in our district. If a language other than or in addition to English is spoken at home, one of the EL teachers in the school will assess the student’s English language proficiency level. The student’s language proficiency level will be assessed in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing using the assessment indicated in the table below.

Based on the English proficiency level attained, the student may qualify for participation in EL services. If a student does qualify, parents will be notified in writing within 10 days.

GradeAssessmentCut Score for English Language Proficiency
Preschool-Age 3Pre-IPT Oral (listening and speaking)Score at Level D or E on a scale of level A-E)
Preschool - Age 4 and Age 5Pre-IPT Oral (listening and speaking)Score at Level E (on a scale of level A-E)
1st semester of KindergartenWIDA Screener for Kindergarten (listening and speaking)5.0 oral language proficiency
2nd Semester of Kindergarten through 1st Semester of 1st gradeWIDA Screener for Kindergarten (all four domains)Overall Composite 5.0 & Composite Literacy 4.2 (reading/writing)
2nd Semester of 1st grade through 12th gradeWIDA Screener (online)Overall Composite 5.0


Annual Assessment

All students who qualify for EL services in grades K-12 are assessed annually to determine if they will continue to qualify for these services during the following academic year. Students are assessed using the state-mandated ACCESS for ELLs assessment.

Students in grades K-12 who achieve a 4.8 overall composite score or above on the ACCESS for ELLs assessment are eligible to exit from EL services. This exit criteria is set by the State of Illinois. Parents will be notified of their child’s ACCESS for ELLs assessment scores each year. All students who exit the EL program will be monitored by their building EL team for four academic years following their exit date to ensure their academic success.

Parent Notification

Each year, parents will be notified whether their student will continue to qualify for EL services. This notification will be provided both in English and the home/native language as available. In addition, this notification will include information about the type of EL services available to the student.

At any point in this process, parents have the right to decline the recommended services for their student. To waive services, parents must provide written intent to withdraw their student from EL services to the EL teacher at their child’s school. Parents who waive services have the right to initiate services at any time should their student still qualify.

Interpretation and Translation

A priority of Central 301 is to ensure that full access of information is available to all parents and school community members including those who speak languages other than or in addition to English. The district provides interpretation and translation for parents in need of these services. If you are in need of interpretation and/or translation services, please contact your student’s school.

Contact Information

EL Director / MTSS Coordinator

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