Central 301 treats the safety of our students and staff with the highest level of care. We work proactively with our students, staff, and local law enforcement agencies to continuously improve the safety and security of our facilities.

Among the areas of focus for Central 301 Safety and Security are the physical security of buildings, staff and student trainings, proactive planning with local first responders, and emergency communications.


While it is natural for parents and guardians to want to go to their child’s school in the event of an emergency, doing so may actually be counterproductive to emergency response measures. To ensure that school officials and emergency responders are able to do their jobs in keeping students safe during an emergency, family members should refrain from coming to their child’s school unless / until notified via phone, text, or email from the school district.

Please do not call or rush to your child’s school because the phone lines and staff are needed for emergency response efforts.

Please do not phone your child. Staff and students are discouraged from using cell phone communication for safety reasons.

Please wait for communication from your child’s school, which will provide you with direction on how to proceed.