Safe2Help Illinois is a 24/7 program where students can use a free app, text/phone, and website ( to share information on school safety issues in a confidential environment. Once vetted, the information provided will be shared with Central 301 district and school officials and / or local PSAP / 911 Call Center, depending on the nature of the information shared. 

Central 301 believes that each student should be able to identify a trusted adult in their school building. This staff member is a person who students can communicate with if they see or hear something and need to say something. In the absence of access to that trusted adult, Safe2Help Illinois offers students a safe, confidential way in which to share information that might help prevent suicides, bullying, school violence or other threats to school safety. This program is not intended to suspend, expel, or punish students. Rather, the goal is to get students to “Seek Help Before Harm.”