Students Returning Next School Year

  • All students will keep their Chromebooks at home over the summer.  
  • Students entering Kindergarten, 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 11th grades will receive new Chromebooks and cases during the first week of school.
    • We supply Gumdrop protective cases with the new Chromebooks and do not require students to carry the Chromebook in a bag.
  • The Technology Department will work with buildings on the distribution process.
    • For most, the Chromebook will be handed out to the students on the first day of school.

Students Not Returning Next School Year

  • Students and families have the option to purchase the Chromebook and take it with them if they leave Central 301 before their device is due to be replaced.  
  • The devices cost $300.  The $50 tech fee paid by the family each of the three years accounts for 50% of the cost of the Chromebooks.
  • If the family is up to date on all district fees, they will still need to pay $100 per year the Chromebook is expected to be used in Central 301.
    • Example:  A kindergartener who is in their first year with the student device that is expected to be used for 2 more years (1st and 2nd grade), would need to pay $200 to take the device with them ($100 for each of the last two years).
    • Example:  High school graduating seniors that are up to date on their fees may take the device with them when they graduate without any additional cost.
    • Students that have their registration fees waived are still required to pay their $100 tech device fees if they want to keep the Chromebook.
    • Please refer to the second bullet point under “Returning Students” to determine if/when the device in question is due for replacement.
  • Families who choose to purchase/keep their Chromebook may email to have their Chromebook unlocked.  Once unlocked, any Google account can be used with the device, all management of the device will cease, and we will remove the Securly Web Filtering restrictions.
  • Students who have not paid all Chromebook fees and don’t turn the Chromebook in will have the charges applied to their account.

Purchasing/Returning Chromebooks

  • If the returning student’s family has paid the Chromebook fee for each year, the student is due to receive a new device and is keeping the old Chromebook, we will unlock the old Chromebook at the end of the first week of school.   
    • Once unlocked, any Google account can be used with the device, all management of the device will cease, and we will remove the Securly Web Filtering.  
    • If parents want or need the filtering turned off and the Chromebook to be unlocked, they may email over the summer.
    • We will continue filtering the device until the first week of the new school year is completed.
  • Unwanted Chromebooks
    • Any student or family may turn in their old Chromebook(s) when they receive their new Chromebook.  The district will dispose, recycle, or transfer ownership as it sees fit.

Summer Repairs

  • Please email to schedule repairs.  We will not do repairs for Chromebooks no longer owned by the district.