Problem Solving Team

  • Each school has a Problem Solving Team (PST).
  • The PST is designed as a group of educational professionals who collectively target and define student concerns and develop individualized interventions to elevate students to higher achievement levels.
  • Concerns about achievement are initially raised by either the classroom teacher or the student’s parents; however, any member of a child’s team can make a request to the PST.
  • The PST is always comprised of a student’s parents, the general education teacher, the school psychologist, and the school principal.
  • The team may also consist of the following members: school psychologist, school social worker, reading specialist, speech language pathologist, school nurse, special education teacher, and another general education teacher.

The purpose of the Problem Solving Team [PST]

  • To operationally define targeted concerns, including academic and social/emotional/behavioral.
  • To serve as an intervention design team to address the defined targeted concerns.
  • To serve as a consultant group to a child’s general education teacher.
  • To serve as a consultant group to a child’s parents/guardians.
  • To serve as the official referral agent for special education case study evaluations.