Central Community Unit School District 301 welcomes the opportunity to work with approved university educator training programs for clinical observation hours, student teaching, and  internship placements.  Our school district has a wealth of experienced, innovative and award-winning faculty and administrators willing to contribute to the next generation of classroom educators and leaders.

The placement process at Central 301 MUST be started by university placement coordinators following the steps outlined below.  We ask that students do NOT contact individual schools or teachers to schedule their placement.  We are only able to honor those requests coming from the university placement office and following our process below.


Representatives from Colleges / Universities are asked to complete the Student Placement Request Form

While we appreciate the student interest, the form MUST be completed ONLY by a school representative.

PLEASE NOTE: All candidates will be reviewed against the Illinois Sex Offender Registry, the Illinois Murder and Violent Offender Against Youth Registry, and the National Sex Offender Registry.

Once interest is determined, here’s what we need from the student teaching / internship candidates:

(NOTE: clinical observation students are exempt from items 1-5 below).

  1. Fingerprint authorization form
  2. Certificate of Physical Fitness and Immunity from Communicable Disease
  3. Copies of University Transcripts
  4. Letter from University requesting placement with the following…
    • Name of Student
    • Name of Supervising Instructor
    • Contact information of Supervising Instructor
  5. All documentation will be reviewed by the Superintendent (or designee), including university transcripts to determine academic fitness for the student-teaching position.


CONGRATULATIONS!! You’re taking the first step on a lifetime journey of helping students. 

Here’s what’s next:

We’ll assign you to GCN modules that must be completed prior to your start as a student teacher. This also includes:

  • DCFS Mandated Reporting module
  • D301 Additional Policies module

Then we start a district email account for you with start and end dates on it. (Emails can be subject to Freedom of Information Act)

We’ll create a Skyward account for you. This gets you access to the building and sets you up as a “co-teacher” in classes.

From there, we add you to our ParentSquare account so that you can keep up to date with any emergency building or school notifications.

We’ll also send you an on-boarding letter to schedule the meeting to fill out forms, set up accounts, and all the important information from above.

(Psst: You might want to keep this letter as a memento down the road!)

If at any point you have any questions, make sure you contact us! We’re happy to help!


Dr. Matthew Haug
Executive Director of Human Resources
(847) 464.6005 – District Office
(224) 990.7012 – Direct