Post Election Survey

Regardless of your views on the recent referendum on the ballot, we appreciated the engagement, questions and conversations with our stakeholders over the past few months. As we reflect on the outcome of the vote, it’s essential for us to address the reality that the referendum has been defeated by a significant margin.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their engagement in discussing a solution for our enrollment challenges at all levels. As we consider our next steps, it is important that we hear from our community. Please fill out this short, 2-question survey that will help us understand which plan resonates with you and is most in alignment with your vision for our district moving forward. Please note, these are the same options that were presented to the focus groups in the fall of 2022. We also have an “other” button where you can provide other solutions you may have that are not listed. We recognize that these plans would need to be “tweaked” in some regards, and we would like your input in the open response section of the survey as to suggestions for adjustments to these options. Your voices and perspectives are invaluable, and they will continue to shape our efforts as we move Central 301 forward together.

As we collectively reflect on our next steps, let us draw strength from our shared commitment to the well-being and success of our students and staff. Together, we will explore new pathways and opportunities for growth, always with the best interests of our children at heart.

In the days and weeks ahead, we encourage you to continue to stay engaged and to share your thoughts and ideas with us. Your input will continue to be instrumental as we chart our course forward.