TikTok Challenges at School


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Social media can be a positive tool for students; however, it can also provide an avenue for inappropriate behaviors within the school community. Over the past few weeks, we have seen an increase in vandalism to our bathrooms at both middle schools and the high school.  This vandalism is in response to a viral social media trend on TikTok. This trend has seen several students engage in destruction of property, particularly in our restrooms at Central High School, Central Middle School and Prairie Knolls Middle School.  The behavior associated with these various monthly challenges is unacceptable in Central 301 and will not be tolerated. Our staff and administrative team will respond with progressive discipline up to and including in-school suspension, out of school suspension, or expulsion depending on the severity/physical nature of the action. Additionally, this type of behavior can also warrant police involvement or legal action, and a demand for restitution for damages caused.   

The October TikTok challenge is “Smack a staff member” followed by a new inappropriate challenge every month (TikTok List).  It is imperative that your child(ren) not participate in these challenges. If they do participate the appropriate level of discipline will occur.  Our district is blessed to have supportive families and respectful students and we are proud of the citizenship and positive behaviors our students exhibit on a daily basis. The vandalism of our bathrooms in September by a few did not represent our values or the behaviors of most of our students.  It is important that you discuss with your child(ren) that participating in these types of social media challenges (including the TikTok challenge) can have both civil and criminal penalties. Participating in vandalism, inappropriate behaviors and harassment at school is inappropriate and provides a possibility for others, both staff and students, to feel unsafe and violated. 

As a school community, we appreciate the partnership we have with our families and we need your assistance at this time to help keep our schools safe and free of inappropriate behaviors. We are asking that you sit down with your child(ren) and have a conversation about this list (see link above) and the negative consequences this could have on participants and the school as a whole. We appreciate your assistance in helping us educate our youth about appropriate behaviors and choices.  

Thank you in advance for your continued partnership,

Dr. Todd Stirn, Superintendent