Feb. 9 Athletics Update


We are so excited to be able to offer athletic/activity events to our students at both the middle and high school levels at Central 301. What an exciting time for our coaches, athletes, sponsors, students and families.

This past weekend our girls basketball team won their season opener, and the Dance team took first place in their opening competition. It looks like we are off in “Central style”….Go Rockets!  On Wednesday, February 10th our Rocket Community will celebrate another big event, as our boys basketball team opens up at home against Cary-Grove. At the middle school level, participation in volleyball, boys basketball and cheer began in January.   To view upcoming schedules/events within our Central community for both high school and middle school go to the 8to18 website at https://il.8to18.com/bchs.  We are also excited to add contact days and the weight room for our student athletes this week for all non-in season athletes. Please keep a lookout for these days and times as we are currently completing schedules for each program.

Important Information: Please ensure your athletes are registered in 8to18 in order to attend.  Remember that anytime your athlete is not in attendance in-person at school, they will need to present a self-certification sheet to their coaches or they will not be allowed to attend practices and events.

As we continue to plan for current sports and the transition of the future seasons, it is important to know that our district is facing challenges with transportation for athletic events.  Our district’s Transportation Department has been doing a great job of adjusting to the changing schedules and getting our hybrid students to and from school.  Due to the added routes and parameters established this year regarding increased sanitation between student pick-ups, there is a strong possibility that Transportation may face difficulties with the increased need for trips when the spring season begins. Due to these challenges, our buses will be scheduled by priority, with varsity events scheduled first, then JV, Freshman and lastly middle school.  Our goal and desire is to get all teams to their needed locations in a timely fashion; however, we may face delays or be required to reschedule an event. It is our desire to provide all athletes a meaningful season, while following the parameters established by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), Illinois High School Association (IHSA), and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).  Please be patient as we navigate the requirements established and make decisions that are best for students and our community.

There have been questions regarding the opportunity for spectators to view events in-person. Both the middle school and high school athletic departments continue to work with the Central 301 Building & Grounds Department to establish the number of spectators we can safely host at our events, while staying within the 50 spectator parameter. Within our high school competition gym, spectators will be seated in the balcony as our players will be using the main level bleachers. After measuring the balcony bleachers we are only able to accommodate 40 spectators. Therefore, I will be sending home two passes for each player, along with information on what each family must do to be eligible to attend the event in-person. Unfortunately, due to safety restrictions we are not able to have any spectators in the fieldhouse at any time.  Currently, we are working with the middle schools to determine spectator access to the basketball events that will be occurring. Once that is determined, a communication will be sent out. The spectator information can be found on the 8to18 website https://il.8to18.com/bchs

While not being able to attend your child’s athletic events in-person is frustrating, I am excited to announce that our district will provide live streaming feeds for all levels of athletics at the high school. These live streamed events will occur for those games that are occurring in the main competition gym or court #4 in the fieldhouse as these are the only locations that will have the necessary equipment.  Parents of athletes that will be participating in the live stream will need to sign a waiver acknowledging consent for your athlete to be live streamed for public viewing.  The links for these games will be shared for you to access them remotely and they will be streamed on youtube live.  I know that is not the same atmosphere our players and community are used to, but the District’s priority is the safety of our students, staff, athletes, coaches, and spectators. Thank you for all your cooperation and support during these trying times. It is truly appreciated.