1-25-21 Winter Storm Update


A winter storm warning will be in place this afternoon and into tomorrow morning with the possibility of significant snowfall totals. As is typical with winter storms, forecasts for snow totals in our area vary and we will be monitoring the situation closely. At this time, we plan to remain open tomorrow, Tuesday, January 26th. If, however, conditions are such that we need to make the decision to close schools for the safety of our students and staff, communication will go out via e-blast, phone blast, website post, mobile app alert and social media post by 5:30 a.m.

If we do need to close school due to the weather, there will be no in-person or remote instruction occurring. The missed day will be made up at the end of the school year as an emergency day already built into the school calendar.

As shared in the winter edition of the 301 Gazette, the district has an approved remote learning plan in response to COVID-19 that allows us to teach students remotely, but e-learning days due to an emergency closure are addressed by a separate state statute. District 301 does not currently have an approved e-learning plan for emergency closures.