Return to School Dec 7th

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Our school district is completing a two week “adaptive pause” that was requested by the Kane County Health Department. During this pause we shifted briefly to remote learning for all Central 301 students.  The adaptive pause will end on Friday, December 4th and in-person students will return to school on Monday, December 7th.  We look forward to welcoming our in-person learners back to the school campus. For in-person learning families, it is important that you continue to self-monitor your family members and notify your school if someone in your family develops COVID-like symptoms or tests positive this week. 

Please report if anyone in your household is experiencing one or more of the following symptoms: fever, new onset of moderate to severe headache, shortness of breath, new cough, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain from unknown cause, new congestion/runny nose, new loss of sense of taste or smell, nausea, fatigue from unknown cause, muscle or body aches.

We are excited to continue to provide in-person instruction for our students, alongside our remote learners, and to return to our “new normal” of educating our youth on December 7th. Thank you for your continued diligence in keeping our schools a safe place to work and learn.