Kindergarten Transportation

We welcome your student and family to District 301. We are looking forward to transporting your new Kindergarten students for the upcoming school year.  Our drivers will become very familiar with your student, and you, as the school year starts.  There will be special unloading and loading procedures at the schools the first week of school for the Kindergarten students to become more familiar with their school and bus.

It is a District 301 policy that kindergarten students are not to be released from the bus unless there is a parent, guardian or older sibling present at the stop. This is to ensure the safety of your child. If there is no one available to meet your child at the stop, the school staff will be notified that the student will be returned to their school. The school will contact the parent/guardian to retrieve their child at the school. If you choose to allow your kindergarten student off the bus without a parent/guardian present, a consent form must be completed and returned to the Transportation office. A copy will be kept on file at the Transportation Department and the attending school of the student. If you would like to designate any other authorized person to release your student to, you must contact the Transportation office so they can add the person to your student’s file.

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Parents helping students on a bus