During remote learning, guardians will be required to log student attendance through their Skyward Parent Portal. Please complete this process each day (Monday through Friday) beginning April 6th by 10:00 a.m. Building administrative assistants will be checking attendance daily and will contact you if this is not completed.

Please note that Skyward does not always work well on mobile devices. If you are having issues logging student attendance on your mobile device, we suggest you try doing so on a computer.

Click HERE to enter your student’s daily attendance in Skyward.

Click HERE for directions on entering student attendance.

We are requesting that parents enter absences for the following reasons:

  • Teachers need to know which students are in attendance for remote instruction, and expect them to participate in the lessons that may or may not be delivered in person across the K-12 classrooms (e.g., various options including Google Meets, Canvas video instruction, activities, practice worksheets or assignments, etc.).
  • Since completion of the homework is required, teachers also need to know which students were not in attendance in order to follow up with them on missing assignments. We understand that your child(ren) may become ill and not be able to attend to the work for that day. Additionally, we understand there could be unforeseen situations that might arise that would keep your child(ren) from attending to the work for the day.