During this unprecedented time, meeting the educational needs of students who receive special education services is a priority for our district. We’ve developed a Special Education Remote Learning Plan based on guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education, Office of Special Education Programming and Office of Civil Rights. We appreciate their guidance in developing this plan and providing answers to frequently asked questions related to remote learning and special education policies, procedures and services during the mandated school closure. Based on this guidance, special education services shall be reasonable, appropriate and implemented in good faith. While we recognize that special education services may look different during remote instruction, doing our best to support students is at the forefront of our plan and remains our primary goal. We are committed to actively partnering with families and students to provide access to special education services during this time.

The district will continue to provide and document all special education service provisions made under current special education guidelines from ISBE, OSEP and OCR for students with IEP and/or 504 plans.  The focus of specialized instruction and related services continues to be based on the students’ IEPs/504s and their current goals as well as the modifications and accommodations outlined in each student’s individual plan.  In an effort to minimize lost instructional time and provide students with full access to the general education curriculum, we’ve developed a daily schedule that allows students to access their special education resource time and related services without missing synchronous instruction from their classroom teacher(s) or losing asynchronous lesson time, which is outlined in the Special Education Remote Learning Plan. We will structure student engagement in learning according to age appropriate thresholds, aligned to standards, and that are relevant and appropriate for each student. To ensure differentiation of instruction, opportunities for ongoing collaboration between special and general education teachers, EL teachers, case managers, and related service providers are built into the schedule to support students with disabilities in accessibility and in meeting their IEP goals.  If you have additional questions related to special education services, you can contact your child’s case manager, the building administrator or D301 the Student Services Department.