Returning Students’ Personal Items

School Supplies

District 301 has developed a plan to distribute students’ personal items remaining in the buildings to your child(ren). We have coined this distribution the “Bag, Tag and Drop” method for checkout this year. 

Personal Items

“Bag, Tag and Drop” will be completed by district personnel, wearing personal protective equipment, going into buildings and bagging up the personal contents of each student’s desk and cubbies at the elementary schools, and student lockers (both academic and physical education) at the middle and high schools.  Students’ items will be placed in a garbage bag and labeled with their name and a bus number. Buses will be utilized to deliver these to your house, unless you are down a long rural lane. Due to turnaround and safety issues, we will not be able to deliver to some locations unless there is an adult at the end of the lane. If we are unable to deliver your student’s bag, we will call you to pick up the items at a later date.

The Transportation Department will be working with each school to make sure that bags get placed on the correct bus so that they can deliver these bags to each student. The delivery schedule is:

Country Trails Elementary School – Tuesday, May 5th

Lily Lake Grade School – Tuesday, May 5th 

Howard B. Thomas Grade School – Thursday, May 7th

Prairie View Grade School – Thursday, May 7th

Prairie Knolls Middle School – Tuesday, May 12th

Central Middle School – Wednesday, May 20th

Central High School – Thursday, May 14th & Tuesday, May 19th

Textbooks/Library Books/Teacher Classroom Books – Not Currently In Use

Each building will have a cart or table in the main entrance corridor for drop-off of textbooks/library books during the hours of 9:00 to 2:00 Monday through Friday through the end of May (excluding May 25, which is a holiday).

Textbooks/Library Books/Teacher Classroom Books –  Still Being Used

You will need to keep the textbooks your child(ren) are utilizing for instruction and we will have a separate drop-off for these textbooks after remote learning is completed.  The same process will be followed where we will have a cart in each building for drop-off of materials through the end of May (excluding May 25, which is a holiday).

School-Owned Band Instruments

School-owned band instruments should be dropped off in the main entrance corridor for drop-off during the hours of 9:00 – 2:00 Monday through Friday through the end of May (excluding May 25, which is a holiday). Please make sure these are clearly labeled with your student’s name and place them either under the tables provided or on the sides of the corridor. 

Rented Musical Instruments

Students who are no longer continuing in the instrumental music program should contact Customer Service at Music & Arts at (888) 731-5396 to cancel their payment plan, then hold onto the instrument until Music & Arts reopens so that it can be returned directly to them.

Medicine or Medical Supplies

Families may still have medicine and/or medical supplies that need to be picked up from school. Please contact your building administrator if you have any questions.

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