D301 Tax Rate Dropped as Promised

The Kane County Treasurer recently mailed out 2017 property tax bills which are payable in 2018. On your tax bill, in the bottom left section, you will see that the Central District 301 tax rate for 2016 was $7.44 ($7.194074 + $0.250528).  The current 2017 District 301 tax rate is $6.78 ($6.520278 + $0.269330) which is a $0.66 decrease over the previous year.

Tax Bill

During referendum planning in the fall of 2016, the projected tax rate for 2017 was $6.96; however it came in lower than expected by $0.18. Central 301 is proud to announce that we kept our promise to our community!

Please keep in mind that the school tax rate is the only portion of the tax bill the school district can control and actual tax bill savings will vary. A recent Kane County Connects article states that virtually every township’s average tax bill is lower than it was a year ago. Last year, Plato Township had the highest average tax rate in Kane County, but it has dropped to #5 this year. Elgin Township stayed at #2 and Burlington Township dropped from #3 to #8 in ranking. The article also listed average tax bills by township as shown below:

2016 Ranking (average tax bill for $250,000 home):

#1 – Plato Township $8,634
#2 – Elgin Township $8,560
#3 – Burlington Township $8,489

2017 Ranking (average tax bill for $250,000 home):

#2 – Elgin Township $8,201
#5 – Plato Township $8,045
#8 – Burlington Township $7,948

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