PKMS Incident

School lockers

At approximately 1:12 p.m. Monday, March 19th, a student found a single 22-caliber bullet outside of the cafeteria, which was immediately turned in to a staff member.  Upon being made aware of this information, Prairie Knolls administration placed students and staff in a shelter-in-place to further investigate any potential threat to student safety.  A shelter-in-place means that students and staff were free to continue classroom activities; however, the bell schedule was suspended and student entrance/exit into classrooms was limited.

The safety of Prairie Knolls students and staff is our highest priority.  Therefore, the administration followed safety procedures to ensure the safety of our building.  While we investigated the situation, we worked with the Kane County Sheriff’s Department and Elgin Police Department to find the individual responsible for leaving the bullet on the floor and to provide a safe environment.  We kept the building in a shelter-in-place while we continued our investigation and at approximately 4:10 p.m. we were able to confirm that the building was safe after administration and a Canine Unit swept the building, including lockers.  At the conclusion of the sweep, we began a systematic dismissal of the students.

We are grateful to the District 301 Administrative staff, the Elgin Police Department and the Kane County Sheriff’s office for their support in implementing our school safety protocols and to the students for their understanding and willingness to abide by these restrictions while we ensured their safety.

Prairie Knolls is proud of our commitment to student and staff safety.  We have a comprehensive plan to ensure the safety of all of those in our building, and we are continually evaluating and revising that plan in light of best practices.

As a reminder, while it may be your first instinct as a parent to come to the school to personally ensure the safety of your children, please know that additional student movement to and from the office and additional visitors to the building may compromise an ongoing investigation and parents will not be allowed into the building.  Therefore, we will not allow students to be dismissed to their parents nor will we allow community members to enter our building while we are in a shelter-in-place or lockdown.  We appreciate your understanding and support while we work to ensure the safety of our school community.

In light of recent events, and knowing that these types of situations may cause students to experience heightened levels of anxiety, please take this opportunity to talk to your students about the importance of sharing concerns with building administration or other adults they trust.

If you have any questions, please contact Prairie Knolls Administration at 847-717-8100.



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