INCubatoredu@chs Is Looking for Partners

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Central District 301 is excited to offer high school students an opportunity to participate in INCubatoredu@chs, a new entrepreneurship program coming to CHS in the 2018-2019 school year. This innovative new course blends instruction with hands-on learning, allowing students to not just learn about what it takes to open a business, but to actually work towards creating and fully developing their own product or service.

In order to prepare for real world experiences, students need to learn directly from industry professionals. Volunteers are needed to work alongside the classroom teacher to offer first-hand knowledge and insight that will be invaluable to students. District 301 is looking for business and industry professionals who can partner with our students in this program in one of two ways:

Coaches – These volunteers provide authentic business expertise in a specific area. They partner with the course instructor to present classroom material together for a short period of time (typically 1 – 5 days).

Mentors – These volunteers work with one team and follow them through the entire process offering feedback and encouragement. A mentor will typically touch base with his/her team two times per month.

If you are interested in volunteering with INCubatoredu@chs, please contact Kelly Greene, CTE Department Chair, at

Click here to download the INCubatoredu@chs brochure and watch for more information coming soon!

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